Why Choose Us?


All crew members are required to attend the HASC Basic Plus Safety Course.


For the protection of both customers and crew members we carry General Liability, A 10,000 Dollar Janitorial Bond and Workman's Comp.

Family owned and operated.

Trust us to be an extension of your work force.

10+Yrs experience

Our experience improved over the years providing detailed cleaning for a healthy office environment

Cleaning for health

Our goal is to prevent and eliminate germs that can cause illness

Knowledge gained threw experience

Different surface areas require unique chemicals to provide the required cleanliness


Properly set alarms, secure doors and situational awareness is instilled in every team member and practiced regularly.

Pre and Post check lists

So not to leave anything behind a check will be done of all equipment and chemicals brought into and out of office, a discussion of facilities important points and a reminder of any past issues should the need arise.

Quality Control

Inspections will be done with owner or quality control manager on a monthly basis.In an effort to build trust and a long term relationship this will be done on the phone or and in person.

Responsible team members

Quality control manager will ensure only experienced, qualified, and trust worthy team members will be servicing your office. Team members are all payed a livable salary with profit sharing benefits to ensure the highest ongoing trust and responsibility.

Minor Maintenance

In an effort to minimize the need for maintenance personnel we will change out any burnt out light bulbs and tighten or change out toilet seat and covers as needed.